Your partner with more than 25 years of experience and global know-how

Manager/CEO Werner Urban




Presentation of an innovative and environmental orientated company

Since 1988 our products for cleaning, service and maintenance for the automobile industry have been distributed in the global market. In 1999 the Chemisch Technische Produktions GmbH was founded. Subsequently, the production of the wide range of products was relocated to Leutenberg/Thuringia.

In the following years, we experienced an extremely rapid growth, both at national level as well as throughout the world. This enormously fast development led us to many great collaborations. We acquired various outstanding international distributors respectively importers and we also founded our own companies and joint ventures in different countries. The consequence of this successful development was the creation of a new community summarizing everything under one umbrella – the bluechemGROUP.

The bluechemGROUP (BCG) is a group of companies and a network of distributors with global activities and partners in more than 100 countries. The group's success is based on the commitment to lead the automotive industry in developing and patenting of performance-optimizing and environmentally-friendly products of highest quality expanded by modern workshop, industry and service concepts. Continuous innovation, creativity, expertise, strategic operations, global supply chain management and highly motivated employees are the foundation of the bluechemGROUP. It uses its experiences with international competition, its professional knowledge and know-how as a service for the group’s partners and customers. Constant market studies and the ongoing dialogue with partners at home and abroad enable the bluechemGROUP to take up new trends and identify niche markets thereby guaranteeing the required flexibility in defining offers for certain target groups.

Constant cooperation as a key to success

The close cooperation with partners in industry and science has always been the core of testing new technologies. It is a major contribution in the challenges of the growing market demands. The labels bluechem and PRO-TEC form the backbone of the bluechemGROUP.

Longterm concepts for the future

The philosophy of the BCG is to develop products which the market is demanding and that are environmentally compatible, so they can guarantee our customers and partners permanent and systematic rise in earnings. The strategy is not focused on short-term competitive advantages. It is forward-looking and prospective to maintain an advantage once gained for a long time and expand it. For this reason investment in research and development and the permanent testing of innovative methods and technologies are an absolute necessity to ensure, that competitiveness and environmental protection are not terms contradicting each other. The encouragement of initiative and responsibility, the qualification of senior management within the GROUP and the maintenance of traditional relations with partners and partner companies are part and parcel of our corporate principles.

Corporate history

With a handful of products, a strong will to succeed and a clear goal in mind Werner Urban started the success story of his company in Thuringian Leutenberg more than 25 years ago. Very rapidly the brand “Pro-Tec”, developed by him, gathered an outstanding reputation and a strong position in the national and international competition, which it maintains until today.

The development of the bluechemGROUP

Over the intervening years the company was growing and numerous partners wanted to join the successful career. To simplify the cooperation between research, development and production and make it even more efficient the bluechemGROUP was formed. It can offer now more than 5,000 products to its customers, has got partners in over 100 countries and the growth does not stop. Until today Werner Urban and the bluechemGROUP stick to their goal of making high quality products with outstanding efficacy and clear benefits for the customers.

Ready for the future

Increasing environmental requirements, more complex technologies and the increasing mobility of people at home and abroad are the main reason for great opportunities promising a dynamic growth of the bluechemGROUP. To test new technologies we closely cooperate with our business partners from industry, motor sports and science to justify the increasing demands of the market.

The future may come. We are ready.