Bottling plant with yet empty cans

Bottling plant with filled cans

Establishment and development

Since 1988 our products for cleaning, service and maintenance for the automobile industry have been distributed in the global market. In 1999 the Chemisch Technische Produktions GmbH was founded. Subsequently, the production of the wide range of products was relocated to Leutenberg/Thuringia. Today we are proud to say that the production, labeling and packaging are all accomplished in-house. This gives us the opportunity to utilize our very own proven technology and expertise in all divisions.

Research and development of our products is based on the closest cooperation with our partners and customers. This includes the development and production of environmentally friendly products for the automotive industry. Our expertise includes consumption-based sales, trade and commerce.

In the rapidly changing technology world, we are able to respond to specific market demands by operating closely with workshops, professionals, craft guilds and vehicle manufacturers. We offer service products which include cleaning and maintenance products and application devices. These devices provide the ideal process for our cleaning and maintenace products to be applied to vehicles or throughout industrial facilities. Our products are developed and receive real world testing by professional operators, allowing us to offer proven ideal solutions.

The company CTP GmbH is a member of the bluechemGROUP.


  •     More than 25 years of experience
  •     Own proven technology and expertise in all divisions
  •     More than 500 high-quality products
  •     In-house research and development
  •     Developed in own laboratory
  •     Worldwide Research, Development and Training Centers
  •     Cooperation with renowned car manufacturer suppliers from the automotive industry

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Bottling plant during filling process with labeled cans

Female CTP employees in production

Male CTP employees in production